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Hundreds of Arrests made during Superbowl - Including Trafficking Arrests

"In hotels and brothels, and via the Internet over a 10-day period ending Monday night, 314 “johns” were arrested and charged in a multi-state effort targeting sex traffickers.

“Large sporting events such as the Super Bowl bring out competitiveness in all of us — including, unfortunately, pimps and sex traffickers,” Cook County Sheriff Tom Dart said in the release. “In the days leading up to and including Super Bowl Sunday, my office coordinated with 19 other law enforcement agencies from around the country to send a strong message that our communities refuse to tolerate the sale of human beings for sex.”

Dart and the sheriff’s office took the lead in coordinating the nationwide sweep as part of an ongoing effort to highlight the role of sex buyers as perpetrators while also providing support for prostitutes through its Human Trafficking Response Team, a sheriff’s office release said.

In total, 556 people were arrested during the sting, including 314 men for soliciting sex; 227 misdemeanor arrests including prostitution; two human trafficking arrests and five pimping arrests; three pandering arrests; four theft arrests; 10 possession/delivery of drugs arrests; 12 weapons charges.”

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