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Tuesday, February 7, 2012 - Day 6 of February Facebook Fast

Alternatively Titled - I mustache you a question.

That title is an stunningly bad pun. Thankfully I didn’t come up with it. I was in the atrium getting lunch the other day when I saw a poster with those mustache tabs. The poster said, “If you cannot grow a mustache, I mustache you to take one.” Luckily, I am fall under the category of People Who Cannot Grow Mustaches, so I did as the person mustached, and I took one. 

That is a decision I don’t foresee regretting anytime soon. 

Today was a another coffee-drinking day. I had class at 9:30, we discussed the slavery of women in 1930s Nigeria that I talked about on my blog yesterday. It was a good discussion.

During lunch I worked on my homework and then rushed to my writing class. I have found that I have the unfortunate tendency to lose my keys only when I am in an extreme hurry. 

Our class today was a workshop. The poems of five students, including me, were examined closely and discussed by the class and the professor. I was very grateful for the wonderful comments I received on my poem, entititle, “Warehouse of Stone”. The other students were quite exuberant about my writing, and it meant a lot to me. One student said that it was, “smart and literary without being pretentious,” and that I had “awesome language choices,” and that he highly approved my use of the word “Sentinel,” as that is “five-star language.” My professor had a few notes that I appreciated and will put into my next revision. I left feeling quite positive.

After class I picked up a ton of breakfast foods from a little shop on campus because I love breakfast food. I could eat breakfast food all day. In fact, its now 10 pm and I just had a waffle. Rebel With a Cause.

This afternoon I met with my Discipler and we talked about what spiritual concepts I want to learn more about this semester. I really like Discipleship. Its so great to have a spiritual mentor.

After that I met with my Hall Director to talk about the incident on Saturday where my friends and I got kicked out of the lobby for praying. She’s going to look into it and talk with her supervisor about policies and such and get back with me.

I don’t understand how its okay for a policy that is supposed to prevent people from being offended can be twisted into being able to offend me. Why should anyone be able to ask me to leave a room because they don’t want to see me praying? I think we should be promoting religious freedom, equality, tolerance, and acceptance — not telling people to hide their faith in public. My praying in a public place is not infringing on anyone’s rights, but their asking me to leave is certainly infringing on mine. Why should anyone be offended to see someone praying, to see that there is religious freedom in this country? We shouldn’t be catering to those who don’t like religious freedom, instead we should be encouraging them to be tolerant of other faiths, and allow people to practice their faith wherever they want, as long as they are not in anyone’s way. 

This evening I went to my International Justice Mission meeting and found out that a woman was rescued from sex trafficking in Indianapolis during Superbowl weekend through the S.O.A.P project. This is in addition to the two young women rescued by F.B.I. on Saturday. 

Another interesting idea that was discussed is how 99% of women involved in prostitution are not there because they want to be. Most women involved in the sex industry are forced to sell their bodies by traffickers and pimps. Unfortunately, when prostitutes are arrested, they still end up being prosecuted as the criminal, rather than the victim. If the selling of sex was made legal, while the buying of sex was made illegal, then it is very likely that the demand for the sex trafficking industry would decrease drastically. Pimps, traffickers, and those who buy sex would be prosecuted, rather than the women forced to sell their bodies to them. If the demand for trafficking is lessened, the supply will be lessened. This means less women being violated each day. I think this is an idea I will continue to support. 

After IJM, I attended a talk by an Intern expert, a woman who completed 15 internships while in college and now runs a website devoted to helping college students find internships. I learned a lot from her, and am excited to see what happens with the tips she gave me.

After that — GLEE! Loved Santana and Ricky Martin’s number. I miss Blaine. 

Its been a long day, but a good one. I am blessed to be surrounded by so many loving friends here.

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