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"One of the largest reasons why victims of trafficking and prostitution stay in their exploitative situation is because they are seen by the public as “dirty” women who chose to sell their bodies.  The reality is that the overwhelming majority of women are tricked, manipulated, or forced into prostitution by their circumstances (poverty/addiction), and want to get out.  We, however, tend to judge them and shun them instead of loving them.  The women are not the criminals—the men who purchase them and the people who traffick them are the criminals.”


Hundreds of Arrests made during Superbowl - Including Trafficking Arrests

"In hotels and brothels, and via the Internet over a 10-day period ending Monday night, 314 “johns” were arrested and charged in a multi-state effort targeting sex traffickers.

“Large sporting events such as the Super Bowl bring out competitiveness in all of us — including, unfortunately, pimps and sex traffickers,” Cook County Sheriff Tom Dart said in the release. “In the days leading up to and including Super Bowl Sunday, my office coordinated with 19 other law enforcement agencies from around the country to send a strong message that our communities refuse to tolerate the sale of human beings for sex.”

Dart and the sheriff’s office took the lead in coordinating the nationwide sweep as part of an ongoing effort to highlight the role of sex buyers as perpetrators while also providing support for prostitutes through its Human Trafficking Response Team, a sheriff’s office release said.

In total, 556 people were arrested during the sting, including 314 men for soliciting sex; 227 misdemeanor arrests including prostitution; two human trafficking arrests and five pimping arrests; three pandering arrests; four theft arrests; 10 possession/delivery of drugs arrests; 12 weapons charges.”

2 Women Rescued From Sex Trafficking in Indianapolis Prior to Superbowl

Yes! Lets keep praying that more women are rescued this weekend. I’ll be praying for the healing of these two women who have been raped daily since they were 16.

"The FBI and local authorities on Thursday made their first human trafficking-related apprehensions during Super Bowl week.

Two women, ages 21 and 19, were taken into custody after authorities perused websites offering escort and massage services in Indianapolis, finding similar ads with different pictures of women.

Police said the 21-year-old woman is from Cleveland and had been forced into prostitution at age 16.”

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What is Sexual Exploitation?

Sexual exploitation (also called sexual slavery) is the organized coercion of unwilling people into different sexual practices. It always involves the repeated violation of sexual abuse (forcing the victim to provide sexual services as well as rape by the captor). Sexual exploitation, under the “Rome Statute’s” definition, includes the trafficking of persons, in particular women and children.



  • Human beings are largely unaware that most prostitution is human trafficking. Most girls in brothels, on the streets, in seedy clubs, etc aren’t there by choice. Nearly 90% of the prostitute’s we’ve talked to all over the world told us they’d get out immediately if it weren’t for a pimp, owner, “boyfriend” or manager that was controlling them or watching them. The minority of women that we talked to that weren’t in brothels, on the streets or controlled by a pimp were using their bodies to get money for food (to feed their families, provide for themselves, etc). The glamorous side of prostitution that’s marketed in places like Las Vegas and Bangkok aren’t actually glamorous at all. Our team worked with a guy in South Africa this summer who used to traffic Thai girls into Johannesburg to work as prostitutes. He said “It began with a break in process. They’d get off the airplane, we’d tie them up to a toilet and several Nigerians would come in and rape them to prepare them for what their work would be like. After that, we’d throw them into the whole network of brothels, clubs and other venues where people paid for sex.”
  • Participating in prostitution fuels human trafficking. Even if they haven’t been moved from country to country, someone owns them…and each time you pay, you’re perpetuating this stuff.
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